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Sleeping in airports

5 planes, one hotel and two lovebirds

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In order to get to Nepal we had to: Fly to Oahu, find Philippine Airlines, fly to the Philippines, go through immigration, take scary car ride to hotel, sleep. Wake up to scary car ride to airport, fly to Bangkok, explore airport for 9 hour layover after huge hour long immigration line. Fly to Mumbai, explore hotel, contemplate sleeping during 8 hour layover from midnight to 8 am. Fly to Nepal. Cry happy years as you fly over the Himalaya Mountains.


We made it! Let the adventure begin!

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9 months ago...

the story behind the one-way ticket


Nearly 9 months ago my best friend Andy returned from his adventure in Southeast Asia. It only look a few day of him living with us to see how much traveling had changed him. Dominic and I had mentioned to each other how we would love to travel so one day out of curiosity we searched for one-way tickets to see how much it would be to get to Bangkok. We stared in shock at my laptop at how cheap it was. After a very brief discussion and a shimmer in our eyes, we booked our tickets. As the months went by pieces fell together and next thing we knew we also had round trip tickets to Nepal and a return flight home.

After 9 months of getting passports, backpacks, travel insurance, subletting our apartment, vaccinations, reading TONS of packing list recommendations, and saving every penny we can its FINALLY time to go.

Getting ready for this trip was so much more involved than I had imagined . After pouring over travel websites about people living out of 40 liter backpacks for months at a time, I figured it was an easy 3 step process: Buy backpack, get passport, board plane. If only. We've spent countless hours on the phones with airlines fixing crazy flight changes, tons of time reading up on the countries we are visiting and shopping for supplies all while balancing crazy 60+hr work weeks. It feels so incredible to be embarking on a journey that we both worked so hard to make happen.

"We start with 2 weeks in Nepal, then go back to Thailand to backpack though Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos." It's a sentence I feel like I've said a million times but never felt real until I was wrapping up my last hours of working knowing when I was done it would just be a couple more days until I would be boarding the plane.

Special thanks to our friends and family who have put up with me counting down the months, weeks and days. We look forward to taking you on this trip with us and hope you enjoy our photos and stories.

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