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February 2015


Happy birthday to the King!

We arrived in Bangkok jittery with excitement to finally really start this whole backpacking thing. We hopped on the train and I instantly noticed EVERYONE was wearing yellow. Something is going on here for sure. We shared a taxi to Koh San Rd and found our very first hostel pretty easily. On the whole drive we saw photos of an old Thai man dressed in a gold robe and yellow flowers planted everywhere! We asked what the heck all the yellow was about someone informed us that we had arrived on the King's birthday and the whole of Thailand was buzzing with excitement.


Most of the festivities would be at night so we explored outside to finally have some Thai street food. We also tried to get to "the big buddah" but wound up at a temple with a large stairway and beautiful view of the city. It was also free due to the holiday!
After the temple we went right away to the democracy monument to see if anything was happening there and watched a huge parade. Afterwards we decided to take on Koh San Rd.. You know-the part of Thailand in "The Hangover." It was pretty mellow compared to what I had imagined. As expected the streets were filled with elephant pants, Chang's beer tank tops, dirty bracelets, and fried insects. Dominic ate a scorpion but I was too chicken to brave it. We sat down for a beer and pad Thai and someone gave us a candle and told us to light it at exactly 7:27. So along with millions of other Thais across the country we held our candles high as the Thai national anthem was sang around us. GOPR0895_1..2959_high_2.jpgSAM_2633_2.jpgSAM_2601_2.jpgSAM_2586_2.jpg
We were pretty wiped out from traveling all day so went to bed early and spent the next day wandering the streets and even shared our lunch table with a sweet kitty. When it was time to catch our bus we walked to the meeting point but no one showed up for us! In a panic we went back to the hostel and a sweet woman got a can with is and call he'd the bus to force them to wait for us. Just 16ish hours later and we are finally going to be back in my happy place-am island!

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